Headquartered in London, UK, Bayrock Real Estate Consulting was initially founded as a platform to provide and teach aspiring real estate analysts and investment professionals the best practice modelling techniques needed to successfully appraise transactions and complete modelling tests.

Shortly after launching our first self-study training program, “Mastering The Modelling Test”, a team of highly experienced modelling experts produced and designed Bayrock’s flagship commercial real estate modelling program,“Invesment Grade Real Estate Modelling”.

Through its success, the Investment Grade program formed the foundation of Bayrock’s corporate lifetime training license. The license grants our clients lifetime access to a bespoke self-study modelling program, that can be transferred across a company/team platform. Ultimately, the license reduces employee-training overheads, by eliminating the need for continual classroom-based education. From origination, Bayrock Real Estate has saved thousands of pounds from our clients training budgets.

Taking advantage of the economic uncertainty of the upcoming EU Referendum and the changing directions of Foreign Direct Investment, Bayrock Real Estate launched its transaction consultancy arm. Bayrock Real Estate’s consulting team consists of commercial real estate experts that have extensive hands-on experience and expertise in transaction due diligence and underwriting, capital raising, acquisitions, valuations and dispositions.

Since its inception, the Bayrock Real Estate team has provided its consultancy services to global Banks, High-Net-Worth Individuals,  Developers, Investment Managers and Agents, amounting to a combined transaction volume of £2.6 billion across a global reach.


Bayrock is committed to its philosophy to provide high-level non-classroom based RE financial modelling education that is financially accessible for all. The ability to self-study through a step-by-step cell-by-cell program, at any time, lies at the heart of the company.




Bayrock Real Estate Consulting was founded by Alexander Hawken in 2015. During Alexander’s tenures, he has been exposed to and appraised over £3 billion of real estate transactions across all property types. Notable transactions include, 6 St Pancras Square, 6 Bevis Marks, Embassy Gardens, 22 Bishopsgate (London), Baytree Dagenham/Luton, 60 asset retail portfolio, and more.

His expertise in Excel financial real estate modelling developed during his Real Estate Finance Master’s Degree at The University of Cambridge. Prior to Cambridge, Alexander graduated with a First Class Honours Business and Finance Degree from the University of Nottingham.

Alexander tries to live by a personal and professional ethos of hard work, determination, and an optimistic attitude. Alexander has a keen interest in architecture, design and sports, in particular rugby and golf, which he played at a high level at University, representing the Cambridge University Stymies Golf Team.





Bayrock Real Estate is proud to have worked with global Commercial Real Estate Investment Managers, Banks, Agents, Developers and Universities. Clients that have used our consultancy services or our real estate modelling training programs to train staff include;