Bayrock Financial Modelling’s affiliate company, Bayrock Capital, prides itself on its teams financial and transactional expertise to perform acquisition due diligence analysis, transaction underwriting, equity/debt raising and model audits. The team has extensive hands-on experience and expertise across the asset class and risk spectrums, with a combined deal volume of over €3.5 billion.

Bayrock Capital are proud to have worked with global sophisticated Investors, Banks, High-Net-Worth individuals, Merchant Investment Banks, Private Equity houses, Agents and Investment Managers. Bayrock Capital’s services have become highly effective for investment and development firms that do not have the requirement for full-time analytical roles or dedicated finance teams.

Since its inception, the Bayrock Capital has provided its consultancy services  to a combined transaction volume of £3 billion across a global reach.


Bayrock Capitals investment advisory services include and are not limited to;


Transaction Due Diligence and Underwriting

Transaction Valuation and Investment Committee Reporting

Equity/Debt Raising and Sourcing

Excel DCF Model Creation

Custom Excel DCF Templates for Initial Deal Analysis

Excel DCF Audits, Updates and Management


For further information on our consultancy services, please contact us using the following email address.