Founded in 2015, Bayrock Real Estate Consulting provides premium Excel-based real estate financial modelling training and consulting for real estate transactions. Bayrock’s home study training programs provides its users with the comprehensive financial modelling skills, knowledge and processes needed to successfully appraise transactions and complete real estate modelling tests with confidence.

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The 'Mastering the Modelling Test' training program is meticulously designed to teach and guide users through a logical step-by-step process of how to create flexible real estate financial models in a modelling test scenario. This program is essential to beginners of real estate modelling. 

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Aimed at real estate investment professionals, this course will provide the best practice techniques and advanced skills of constructing flexible investment grade financial models, that assess the financial credibility, risks and returns of property investments.  

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"Bayrock produces an easy-to-follow and detailed guide to building real estate cash flows and analytics - great for students and practitioners alike"
Professor Andrew Baum - Investment Professional and Lecturer at Oxford University


"The Mastering The Modelling Test was pivotal to the success of me securing my Analyst position. The training program provided me with all the skills needed to successfully complete the modelling test."
Reading University Real Estate Student - Investment Manager Analyst


"The scenario based training programs gave me the confidence to accurately complete the modelling test."
Cambridge University Postgraduate Student - Private Equity Analyst


"The Investment Grade Real Estate Modelling program has given me a sound understanding and the knowledge required to complete an Excel real estate model. I now feel confident to review Analyst model's and apply the modelling skills to further transactions I undertake."
Transactions Manager - Investment Managers