For many of our clients, the overall cost of classroom-based modelling training outstretches their training budgets. Additionally, the courses rigid structure reduces the transferability of the material across a company/team platform.

Bayrock Financial Modelling is proud to offer an alternative and more cost-effective training method to classroom-based education. Our lifetime license agreement grants our client’s access to a bespoke self-study modelling program, that can be transferred across a company/team platform. The license allows the training program to be available to all current and future staff members for an infinite time period.

By heavily reducing training overheads and eliminating the need for expensive classroom courses, the license provides the best return on investment for real estate modelling training. The license works perfectly for annual analyst pool and team-based training. The lifetime license includes the following:


1. Lifetime access to a bespoke PDF self-study modelling guidebook and corresponding Excel Workbook.

2. Modelling Test to assess current and future employee modelling competencies

3. One-on-one feedback meetings for A predetermined number of current employees


The license fee is based on the number of current and projected future staff that will use the program.  Most importantly, the license fee per person will be substantially lower than the average market rate of £2,000 per person for acquisition and development modelling tuition. Through our lifetime license modelling programs, many of our clients are projected to save on average £20,000 across a 4 year period. The license fee can be paid in one installment or split across several.


For further information on corporate training licenses please email the below address. One of our team will be in contact shortly.